Whisper Walls®

Whisper Wall® is unquestionably the number one Wall and Headliner system and has become the standard of excellence for the installation of fabric as an architectural finish. Our unique products are used by leading yacht designers and builders around the world. The characteristics of the Whisper Wall® system make it ideal for complex designs often found in yacht applications.

The Whisper Wall® system consists of a variety of tracks that enable the designer to achieve any desired overhead and wall shape cost effectively. The designer and clients imagination is the only limitation in developing lightweight overhead and wall applications.

 Whisper Walls® System Advantages include:

  •  On-site installation ensures a perfect custom fit
  • Track system eliminates heavy overhead and wall panels
  • System allows for removal and replacement of fabrics
  • Significant cost savings in labor and materials
  • Design and create unique custom overheads and walls
  • Wide selection of fabrics can be utilized
  • Factory training and licensing for installers are available
  • 95% reduction of weight over traditional wood panel system